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Small scripts

Use argparse to avoid hard-coding. Luke Ross 9 Feb 2020 edad097f76d1d4ef58e384f55be6cb558e55bb11
fix year Luke Ross 6 Oct 2019 edcf369cbfa65fb4f006d2950bf2499afff1117f
check in new (old) script Luke Ross 6 Oct 2019 306603cce1d29f12a6876b271ab925816f8271f0
my customised version Luke Ross 6 Oct 2019 29717d9e832522ce4008eaf0e23147737a0e39b1
new script (original version) Luke Ross 6 Oct 2019 39dc3ecac8091f2ab50c5a32bee67bb200619664
Remove this as it didn't work properly Luke Ross 6 Sep 2019 339ab5adf6cc04afd771695a77902a2a801f2628
new package: Werkzeug-FormatStringRouting Luke Ross 19 Feb 2019 0eab2e2cfe760b3b1114bff9f8fba5fd3c464ce9
Add rebuild_ppa Luke Ross 5 Nov 2018 15633c3296e436e0bda15f60e1c63dddb955fa1d
Turn ClipShare repo into a generic scripts repo Luke Ross 5 Nov 2018 1ef707c90f4890ddf33d83b756c04584b527857e
Add readme. Luke Ross 12 Dec 2014 8576b1aa94364eebadd85727987da125d39d84ca
Initial check-in of existing project. Luke Ross 12 Dec 2014 9625049d9c836deff8894452b814cb3405e441df
Initial commit Luke Ross 12 Dec 2014 0a1007c3ba797f874350dbf2a1ee39fe438f24a8