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This script repackages kernels from Ubuntu kernel-ppa
( and builds a custom
flavour with a tweaked config, emitting .deb files of the results.

In full, it:

- checks out the kernel tree
- applies the patches listed in the SOURCES file
- can optionally apply a custom patch of your choosing
- updates the config to build a new flavour
- emits a kernel config for the new flavour with custom additions

To use it:

- edit the script and look for "START CONFIG" to set flavour name,
  architecture and so on
- go to the block marked "__DATA__" and place your configuration after
  that. The script contains my choice of config, but you will almost
  certainly wish to replace it with your own. If you leave it empty
  you'll get the same configuration as the base flavour ("generic"
  by default)
- run it as " 4.19.1" (replace with target kernel version
  if your choosing. It'll check out the git repo as "mainline-crack".
  If you already have a checkout you can provide it as a second parameter
  (recommended; checkout is slow) - but make sure it is fully clean or
  the patches will fail
- the .debs will be put into the current directory (or the parent of
  the checkout, if you're using a different checkout path)