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Meld-like templating using lxml.

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# lxmlmeld

A mostly-compatible  implementation of Meld3
( using lxml ( as the
parsing and serialisation engine.

I previously forked Meld3 and made it use lxml, but the code wasn't elegant
as it didn't use much of lxml's additional features. This version is a
from-the-ground-up rewrite based on the Meld3 documentation and test suite.

## Differences

 - The undocumented `fillmeldhtmlform()` is not implemented
 - replace() follows the meld3 syntax; the lxml call of the same name is
   renamed `replace_child()`
 - The property `parent` doesn't exist; use `getparent()`
 - You can pass lxml Elements or listis of Elements to `replace()` and
 - When using `structure=True` the content must be parsable as XML
 - libxml2 uses doctype sniffing for XHTML, so `write_xml()` and
   `write_xhtml()` only differ by default doctype
 - `repeat` inserts adjacent to the original node, not at the end of the