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Web-based git repository viewer.

master Oops, sort out git url Luke Ross 27 Aug 2020 ddf3761a53b97fdf5152196145b7587f1058d0be
Need this for the static build mode Luke Ross 13 Aug 2020 0b56aa087cdc3048770045c40d59f03be234354a
v0.10 Add static builder Luke Ross 19 Jul 2020 2e15c315f90dd5cd0437fd687eb897ef83743abd
Some minor clean-up Luke Ross 27 Apr 2020 4e57aa65aa96b44e28487756feac798f9f775d54
v0.9 Drop ponyalchemy, use configparser instead Luke Ross 22 Jan 2020 92d331a79324e473dd1e2c24a56989e790c4dbc9
New year Luke Ross 11 Sep 2019 2edd37f480ee02855eb1f54570b0729dfeacdc7d
partial redo of stuff that got reverted in the big feed remove Luke Ross 11 Sep 2019 2a5e4edae2a83e838566ed4edb79885462725e59
Revert "basic atom feed support" Luke Ross 11 Sep 2019 d12df9ab0f7e7e8e1c636f52f048eb915a739ff4
Revert "activitystream the atom" Luke Ross 11 Sep 2019 92817fbd95fd4586cfbd569b7454a8a28034ac8d
Revert "Hook in feed to template" Luke Ross 11 Sep 2019 251133b8cf0a96de255bb67f48c3348498664199
v0.7 missed req Luke Ross 26 Oct 2018 3a1db80f95d54db70b2a00b5d6ed5eed0bb702f8
v0.6 Bump Luke Ross 26 Oct 2018 10e4c87c06e4ac2627b9e2a0fa887d68086fa391
turns out renaming was a bit squiffy Luke Ross 23 Oct 2018 30ff0260e76e9a666c5bb0012ec696cfb7c025f7
Hook in feed to template Luke Ross 23 Oct 2018 0674bf9f1626c4b144c6c9a60d6d9863f4caf3b0
activitystream the atom Luke Ross 21 Oct 2018 f45119a39e08146c001da64e45cad14feee3554e
basic atom feed support Luke Ross 19 Oct 2018 2efe114521cdc83cfe163b1bc32f7f19996e70cf
Proper repo history links Luke Ross 17 Oct 2018 8c117decae6b49e044bb094fdf23084db4eedbb8
ability to highlight commits in history Luke Ross 16 Oct 2018 079c2a602f96478e6fd039ef2871a8da2fe852c3
strip whitespace from messages Luke Ross 16 Oct 2018 6a6ea693445c28901b69919fd33bac03283fdc2b
Support for multi-line commits. Fork marker on index page. Luke Ross 28 Jul 2018 2e1fcc024ba6d04850c4616bc8cc1bacc7be4e10
Fix typo Luke Ross 26 Jul 2018 1ba7c98b83e8667f6e21d3f9f3033d0b40206147
Bump version Luke Ross 26 Jul 2018 254bf45b110184164a33ba5031934e69a600771d
Basic fork support Luke Ross 26 Jul 2018 a28b3b43642f0af45a317abfbdef29de7f77fff0
Try to improve visual design a bit Luke Ross 9 Jun 2018 602981a569a495823e05e8624372a85aa442f6d9
Some clean-up, and easier custom branding. Luke Ross 7 Jun 2018 441a3154e93d2a686b25d1bebffca3431c68fc70
Set license, readme etc. Luke Ross 13 Aug 2017 a3ada9ef39ee9a96bced99631dbe59d7d252ae53
Simplify name logic. Luke Ross 9 Aug 2017 da9b0eb11efaf0e93566ce745f41a5b38e58180d
Remove branding to make a generic version Luke Ross 9 Aug 2017 fd40eb3715e4b4329997f94485ef0168c3aa88dd
No need to show branch link if there's only one branch. Luke Ross 11 Jul 2017 ead31d4e575fa6ca89255496e1feecd88ca467cc
Style tweaks Luke Ross 11 Jul 2017 ba72ac78ec4c555028ae976b98855c74ecc74eb4
Style tweaks Luke Ross 11 Jul 2017 539fe50d7cbaa22d3d7930f274e12679d75c17e5
Manually force missing dep Luke Ross 11 Jul 2017 e2cc8a31ec1c5d2195d3f3f496440ead63226ed6
Avoid explosion when trying to view initial commit to a repo. Luke Ross 11 Jul 2017 ec8a0824a8e877e70c89092829d11b87c15f254a
Fix borked change calc Luke Ross 7 Jul 2017 15dfd258bee1d85eb7830834ed0ed4b9425873ad
v0.1 done! Luke Ross 7 Jul 2017 decb0409a4ae533d264ad36c26c1a5e3a19f044a
features Luke Ross 5 Jul 2017 e7c07a6251dfb57ea45641968231ed0928882eba
WIP Luke Ross 5 Jul 2017 748b46f4edfbd680b9c411827c0b277a3ad362d7
Flesh out the UI Luke Ross 2 Jul 2017 50067e56a8e2e52f68bb3ae23fdb833d94e6456e
Work so far Luke Ross 1 Jul 2017 7e7fd22845cec4c80bf5f9feacc3a51a6f10c7b4