Luke Ross

Luke is a 33-year-old computer programmer living in North Woolwich, East London.


  1. Sigh, misconfigured Diaspora nodes make Pyaspora sad, and it's not really clear how best to handle it. Drop the message outright? Put it on the holding queue for a bit? At the moment it's held for the system administrator to examine, but that's not exactly user-friendly. 2 November 2014
  2. Thank you, Facebook, for the free festival tickets! (oh the irony of posting this via D*) 4 July 2014
  3. After a fifteen month wait, Lilium martagon albiflorum finally blooms. It brings back memories of holidaying in the Pyrenees. 20140529_083549.jpg 29 May 2014
  4. A slightly unfortunate quirk of tagging has reared its head in Pyaspora, namely lines of tags. The leading hash character of the tag means, when at the start of the line, that Markdown goes into heading mode and makes the tag really really big and bold (and also not a tag). I assume Diaspora must special-case things that "look like" tags, which I presume makes one-word headings rather confusing. 28 March 2014
  5. Like Diaspora but prefer #python over ruby? Fancy a challenge? Alternate python-based pod software in development at 20 March 2014
  6. I fixed a rather horrible bug round subscription tagging, and reinstated share visibility (which had got broken at some point). 18 March 2014
  7. subscribed to diaspora* HQ 19 March 2014
  8. Luke updated their profile Sorry, this is my fault. 7 February 2014


A rather silly perl extension for extending package names.
Clipshare lets you connect the clipboards of two GNOME-enabled desktops. Run one as a server, and the other as a client. Then, anything copied into the middle-click or main clipboards on one end can be pasted into the other. You can even copy and paste graphics between the two machines. Requires perl and perl-Gtk2. GPLv2.
A perl extension for turning perl double-quote string interpolation into DBI bind parameters.
Muttrc Builder
A web-based system for interactive building configuration files for the mutt email client. Requires perl and Mason. Try it out online.
Work-in-progress Diaspora-compatible social networking software.


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